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Featured with Singapore Foodie

(Photo Credit: Singapore Foodie)

Baan Kanom Thai was featured with Singapore Foodie! A video by Singapore Foodie was shared on its official YouTube channel!

Have you ever tried Thai pancakes? Baan Kanom Thai has newly produced authentic Thai Pancakes snacks in Singapore! These Thai Pancakes are also known as  Khanom Khrok, coconut-rice pancakes that are a traditional Thai dessert! They make a dough with rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk and cook it in a hot indented frying pan. Would you like to try this one-of-a-kind dessert? This sweet treat is available at Golden Mile Complex's Baan Kanom Thai. These delicious desserts will satisfy you with Thai Pandan Pancakes with a local twist!

Authentic Thai delicacies are now available on our website or walk into our store at Golden Mile Complex (Thai Supermarket)

Click this link to find out more!

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