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Featured with Singapore 8Days News!

Baan Kanom Thai, which started as home-based biz, has opened a dessert kiosk inside a supermarket.


Baan Kanom Thai featured with Singapore 8Days news outlet!

Thai-born Fon C, 26, and her Singaporean husband, Jaren Choong, 28, want to whisk you away to Bangkok's streets. Their two-week-old dessert kiosk, located in Golden Mile Complex's supermarket, sells Thai snacks traditionally served by BK streets food vendors, such as Khanom Krok bai toey (pandan pancake) and kanom Tokyo (cylindrical pancake with various fillings).

The duo started Baan Kanom Thai, a "house of Thai desserts," as a home-based business in May 2020. In addition to sweet treats, their HBB menu included pineapple fried rice and grilled lemongrass chicken, all prepared by Fon, who developed the recipes from her mother, who owns a restaurant in Chumphon Thailand.

You can place your order at our website or walk into our store at Golden Mile Complex (Thai Supermarket)

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